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Es werden Posts vom August, 2013 angezeigt.

ssh remote rsa key login (without password)

After changing my system to manjaro I had to recover some settings,
and sadly had to do some things again, e.g. my ssh login via rsa keys.

After doing it manually I saw this 3 step answer on some message board:
Press Enter key till you get the promptssh-copy-id -i root@ip_address
(It will once ask for the password of the host system)ssh root@ip_address
Now you should be able to login without any password One thing I had to change: chmod 700 .ssh on the remote machine,
and then it worked like a charme.

Rolling release? Manjaro it is!

Two posts ago I wrote about my disappointing experiences with manjaro,
but after testing a beta version I am all in and love it!

First: not just the graphic card was initialized correctly but also font rendering.

And after getting into grips with yaourt (the arch linux user repos app) I will always go for manjaro again.

It is just not simple enough for beginners with linux hence you have to install codecs by hand, meaning knowing their names. So my vote goes to mint for beginners, but for me it is perfect.